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A tropical sunset off the beach of Barbados.

Barbados has a beach for every day of the year and the tropical climate to match. The best time of year for yacht chartering in Barbados is from November to April.

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With its sublime beaches, charming colonial towns, fascinating museums and thriving nightlife, Barbados offers the chance both to escape the hectic pace of everyday life and to indulge in an array of unique cultural pursuits – many with a British accent. Bridgetown, the island’s historic capital, is also the site of world-class duty-free shopping.

Sports of all sorts are an attraction here. Horseback riding and tennis are popular, and the Bajans (as the islanders are known) take their cricket seriously. Barbados’ crystal-clear waters, teeming with marine life, provide great snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities.

Barbados is a relatively flat, green island, featuring abundant bays and gradually sloping beaches, but there are also dramatic sandstone cliffs soaring several hundred feet in height. The island’s lush inland geography also invites exploration. Thanks to the mild, subtropical weather, Barbados abounds with an astonishing assortment of plant life.

The island is a lonely sentinel in the Caribbean’s Lesser Antilles, about 100 miles east of St. Lucia. Sailing charters are popular here, although many luxury charter motor yachts also include Barbados in their itineraries. Port St. Charles, an upscale marina facility located on a tranquil stretch of the northwest coast, can shelter yachts up to 130 feet.

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Yachts for charter in Barbados.

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