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Guadeloupe is one of the more developed destinations of the Caribbean.

Guadeloupe offers well-developed French culture in a tropical climate as well as a national park and underwater preserve.  The best time of year for yacht chartering in Guadeloupe is from November to April.

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For yachtsmen looking for a soupçon of French culture amid the sea breezes and azure waters of the Caribbean, Guadeloupe is the place, blending a modern infrastructure and outstanding Creole cuisine with abundant natural settings.

Two main islands form Guadeloupe. Grande-Terre lies to the east, boasting a number of shore-side towns with long, sandy beaches ideal for sunbathing, a variety of watersports activities and exotic beach bars. Basse-Terre, to the west, is home to a national park and the 4,736-foot La Soufrière volcano. Hiking trails and an underwater preserve make this island a hit with adventure seekers. However, foodies and sun worshippers also will find plenty here to please the palette and warm the soul. A drawbridge over the Rivière Salée connects to the two islands.

Guadeloupe is one of the more developed destinations of the Caribbean, and has a large international airport. Its many marinas, which cater to yachts of all types, include Marina Bas du Fort, Dock Martin Marina, Great House Marina and Port Lonvilliers Marina. But there still are plenty of rural areas where yachtsmen can get away to enjoy the essence of island life, including the archipelago of Les Saintes to the south, which offers deserted, sun-washed beaches.

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