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A U.S. National Park, St. John has 40 pristine beaches and 22 self-guided hiking trails.

The U.S. Virgin Islands offer both beaches and nightlife. The best time of year for yacht chartering in the USVI is from November to April.

Yachts for charter in U.S. Virgin Islands.

Thanks to their easy accessibility, the U.S Virgin Islands are the most popular destination in the Caribbean. Part of the island chain that includes the British Virgin Islands, the USVI trio – St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix – have an appealing mix of sandy beaches, sapphire seas, tropical breezes, serious shopping and exciting nightlife. For yachtsmen, they also provide breathtaking cruising opportunities.

St. Thomas, the main island, features a fabulous mix of shopping and entertainment. Charlotte Amalie, the capital, is served by several marinas, including Yacht Haven Grande, flagship of the Island Global Yachting group, which offers both megayacht slips and trendy boutiques. Frenchtown, just off the main harbor, is the place to go for fine dining.

The pace is decidedly more laid-back on St. John, known for its 1960’s-style arts culture. A U.S. National Park, the island has 40 pristine beaches, and inland there are 22 self-guided hiking trails.

While most cruising itineraries jump from St. John to the BVI, those in search of something new can sail the 30 miles to St. Croix, the largest of the USVI. St. Croix Marine is the only marina here, and the mellow Caribbean towns of Mongoose Junction and Wharfside Village are the primary points of interest.

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Yachts available for charter in the U.S. Virgin Islands:

Yachts for charter in U.S. Virgin Islands.

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